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My rescue puppers, Izzy and Opal give me a reason to laugh every day! They affectionately have the nicknames Izabella-Chickens and Opal-Lou-Who. 

My two doggies

This science fiction series might have come out before I was even born, but the story about a sand planet in the distant future still feels fresh and relevant today.

The dune novels

This podcast is a great listen! It debunks the junk science behind health & wellness fads, and decodes their cultural meaning. 

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right now, I am

I started as a photographer by chronicling the caffeine-fueled adventures of baristas at The Human Bean Northern Colorado, where I worked as the Director of Graphic Design and Photographer. Being involved with brand development for a locally owned and operated coffee shop allowed me to realize the importance of telling a story with intention and a personal approach.

I strive to make each session relaxed, fun, and memorable and I live for those in-between moments during a session; the goofy grins, wild hair blowing in the wind or capturing a sweet whisper between lovers. These moments tell a deeper, more purposeful story.

It was my own exploration of self-love and getting myself in front of the camera more often that has helped me realize that it is essential to share my mission with others, and this drives my heart and my business. Read more all about that below! 

This feeling of recognition and worthiness is something I want to give all of my clients.

Even though I'm still nervous in front of the camera, I show up for myself anyway and because of that I claimed my own story and body as something worthy being seen. Each time I put myself in front of the camera, the experience makes me feel recognized and valued. 

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I too have felt lost and uncomfortable in front of the camera. I was sure that the natural progression of a changing body and the fact I was no longer a twenty-something meant that I was not worthy of being photographed. I dodged photographs of myself for years! 

However, one year I gifted myself a portrait session with another local photographer for my birthday and it's a tradition I've maintained ever since. 
Every time I get the photographs back from these sessions, I'm amazed at how they captured the essence of who I am. 

My Journey

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Help you feel comfortable and have fun during our session by giving you my posing tips and loving affirmations

Create genuine connections and document your life or your business in a way that uplifts you.

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